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Background information

Background information in SPENVIS

Orbit theory
Coordinate Systems
Coordinate systems and transformations
McIlwain's (B,L) coordinate system
Invariant coordinates
The Radiation Environment
Trapped particle radiation models
Solar proton models
Galactic cosmic ray models
Radiation Effects
Ionising dose
Non-ionising energy loss
INFN Screened Relativistic Non-Ionising Energy Loss
Radiation damage in solar cells
Single event upsets
Spacecraft Charging
Models of spacecraft charging
Plasma velocity and energy distributions
Earth's Neutral Atmosphere and Ionosphere
Atmosphere and ionosphere models
Atomic oxygen erosion
Modelling the Magnetic Field
Spherical functions and their normalisations
Magnetic field models
Dipole Approximations of the Earth magnetic field
Meteoroid and Debris Models
Planetary Models and Tools
Radiation Sources
Jovian trapped particle radiation models
Satellite Irradiation
Geant4 Tools
Description of geomagnetic indices
Comparison of coronal holes, Solar wind streams, and geomagnetic activity

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