SPENVIS for educational purposes

By having a user-friendly web interface, extensive documentation and tutorial information, SPENVIS allows students to perform easily rapid analyses of the space enviroment and its effects on spacecrafts components.  In order to facilitate and promote the use of SPENVIS in educational programmes, specific student accounts have been introduced. 

The SPENVIS student accounts should be requested by the teacher or a representative of the educational institution.  Each student will get his/her own SPENVIS account with access to the full SPENVIS features.  A specific console allows the teacher to manage the student accounts. 

Are you a student?

Welcome on the SPENVIS site.
Before registering, please consider to contact your teacher about the SPENVIS student accounts. 

Are you a teacher?

Feel free to contact the SPENVIS team to request students accounts.  Please do not forget to include:

  • the title of the class or lecture for which you plan to use SPENVIS;
  • a short abstract or a web link describing the content of this class;
  • an estimate of the numbers of students;
  • the normal period and duration of the class (e.g. 2 months a year);
  • the name of your SPENVIS account. 


SPENVIS is developed by a consortium led by the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy for ESA's Space Environments and Effects Section through its General Support Technology Programme