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Graphics formats

The graphic formats available in SPENVIS are listed in the table below. The format selection has no influence if VRML visualisation was chosen. In this case, both a JPEG and a VRML file are created.

Description of the graphics formats supported by SPENVIS
Graphic format Extension MIME type Expanded acronym
GIF gif image/gif Graphical Interchange Format
PNG png image/x-png Portable Network Graphics
TIFF tif image/tiff Tag Image File Format
PS ps application/postscript PostScript
EPS eps application/postscript Encapsulated Postscript
CGM cgm image/cgm Computer Graphics Metafile
BMP bmp image/x-ms-bmp Windows BitMap
JPEG jpg image/jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group
VRML wrl model/vrml Virtual Reality Modeling Language

Because the LZW (Lempel-Zif-Welch) compression algorithm has been patented by the Unisys Corporation, and users of this technology are required to enter into a licence agreement with Unisys Corporation, the GIF format may no longer be supported in the future. PNG and TIFF formats are now provided as an alternative.

Last update: Mon, 12 Mar 2018