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Coordinate grid generator


The coordinate grid generator produces a set or grid of geographical positions that serves as input to the positional version of the following models: Once a grid has been generated, it can be used with different models. This means that, in the context of a given project, it is not necessary to generate coordinates for each model separately. Inversely, direct links to the coordinate grid generator are provided in each model package.

Warning! When running the coordinate grid generator, all outputs previously obtained with models that use this tool, are deleted. This is to ensure consistency between results, and to avoid errors in the plotting routines that produce the graphical output. The input parameters for the models are not deleted, so that they can be run again in the same way.

Input parameters

Three grid types can be produced:


The coordinate grid generator produces the files listed in the table below. A description of the file formats can be brought up by clicking on their description in the table.

The report file spenvis_pos.html contains the input parameters and summary tables. The grid coordinates are stored in the spenvis_pos.txt file.

Output files generated by the coordinate grid generator
File name Description
spenvis_pos.html Report file
spenvis_pos.txt Grid coordinates

Last update: Mon, 12 Mar 2018